Download After the End Forsaken Destiny APK Game Free

Understand dazzling 3d riddles of routinely increasing difficulty uncover an amazing, antiquated globe prepared to be uncovered and lastly, disentangle the secret behind a father-little one crew travel - on parallel techniques, isolated by time.

Start the Journey and discover what will come Following The Finish!

After the End Forsaken Destiny APK Free

Unravel Dynamic Puzzles
Ace an assortment of sophisticated riddles that encompass you! Flip concealed levers and press mystery adjustments to make new pathways.

Examine Historical Lands
Control a world, holding up to be located. Uncover new prospective outcomes with the swipe of a finger and support handle every character by way of continually advancing scenes.

Discover Timeworn Marvels
Navigate crosswise above sunshine-cleared scenes and look into enormous vestiges, dim sanctuaries and the sky is the restrict from there!

Download After the End Forsaken Destiny Android APK Game for Free

Collect Relics of the Past
Accumulate aged stone sections scattered along your excursion to reconstruct statues concerning your predecessors.

Go away on a Mysterious Journey
Experience the parallel voyages of a father and child, discrete however entwined. See no matter whether they will at any time be reconnected at last.

After the End Forsaken Destiny APK Free -

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